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Lillie and Cosmog by SquirrlMongr
Lillie and Nebby by Pokkiu
Alola Medly by Aztilen-chan
Chibi Lillie by Reisuchan
Cosmog aka Nebby Solo
Inktober 13 by MrBda241
Lil Shooting Nebby by DoraemonFan4Life
Anime Nebby by kingofthedededes73
NO BAG CAN HOLD ME!! by JoaoVLeite
Cosmoem Solo
Cosmoem by Rotommowtom
Boredom and Silliness by TurtwigChampion
Cosmoem [Render] (SFM) by Arrancon
#790 Cosmoem by Pokemon-ressources
Lunala Solo
Final Farwell To Lunala by ChrisM199
Nebby by Zoruacrossing
792c Lunala by ElMarcianoGrande
792d Shiny Lunala by ElMarcianoGrande
Solgaleo Solo
Solgaleo by Suki-Sann
solgaleo doodle by eLTehh
Solgaleo by crow559
Within The Sun! by DeltaFang8521
Both Lunala and Solgaleo
Can you feel the love tonight? by starstruckmana
Lunala and Solgaleo Minimalist by pjabbour
Alola VS Kalos MMD Edition by ChrisM199
Bomei-Sha Notatakai by Lucky-LB-Artz
Both Dawn Mane and Dusk Wing Necrozma
Dusk Wings Necrozma by Pokemonsketchartist
Dawn Wings Necrozma by Pokemonsketchartist
Necrozma Mane of Twilight by Sorocabano
Ultra Lunala Wings by teamlpsandacnl
Cosmog and Evos Group
Cosmog and Cosmoem by Rotommowtom
Nebby the Cosmog and Cosmoem by AnimeRia4210
Cosmog's Family by DarkraiLady
Nebby by Luxrrayz
Lillie Solo
~Lillie~ by TokieTheCatGuy
Pokemon Sun and Moon Lillie by Vallentiny
Z-Powered Lillie by PKSleep
Lillie by PKMNwatcherShirora
Nebby and Lillie
Lillie and Cosmog by SeafoamIslander
Lillie and Nebby by myars21
Ultra Sun by Todd-Sweeney
lillieween by tenjoumobile
With Other Pokemon and Trainers
Sparkling Aria by SeafoamIslander
Ash Salty Spittoon Nebby Meme by Otaku-Seraph
Other Comics and Memes
Necrozma is Almost Literally Kyurem by Frozen-Echo
Pixel Art, Icons, and Sprites
Wyvern Lunala pixel sprite thing by DragonLady122
Dragon Con 2017: Lillie by pgw-Chaos
Chibi Solgaleo  by Saykyy
LEGO Pokemon: (Ultra) Sun and Moon Z Lillie by TommySkywalker11
Game and show screenshots
Nebby by Pokemonsketchartist
Samus Returns at Nintendo NY 12 by MarioSimpson1
Fusions, Fakemon, and Fanmade versions.
Pokefusion-lunala and flareon by Starbeam1029
[MMD] Lunala Gijinka DL (Pokemon Sun and Moon) by DrShackle
Nebby meets OC Fem-Tuurngait Persona by Dinzydragon
Lillie Stamp by The-Sprite-Lady
Unsure Where to Submit
''Love is a dangerous thing'' by Loyaldis



Welcome to NebbyFans

*Pew Pew* Nebby by Dante11042006

This group is dedicated to the pokemon Cosmog, which also goes by the name Nebby, and will accept any and every art of Nebby/Cosmog, its evolutions, and of Lillie who gave it the name Nebby.

All are welcome to join!

:iconytfantasy: made the stamp for the group image.
:icondante11042006: is who I got the nebby sprite from.

About Nebby:
Nebby is a psychic type pokemon called Cosmog and was introduced in the 7th generation pokemon game Pokemon Sun and Moon. One of the main characters in the game, named Lillie, found the cosmog and named it Nebby. The pokemon is part of the story's plot. Events in the story led to a popular meme called "Get in the bag Nebby."
It's evolutions are:
Cosmoem at lv 43
Then Lunala (Moon Version) or Solgaleo (Sun Version) at lv 53
Cosmoem by alolan-sprites Lunala by alolan-sprites Solgaleo by alolan-sprites
Here's their shiny forms:
Shiny Cosmog by MidnightsShinies Shiny Cosmoem by MidnightsShinies
Shiny Lunala by MidnightsShinies Shiny Solgaleo by MidnightsShinies

For more info, just google it.


  1. Be nice!
  2. Only submit art of Nebby/Cosmog, Lillie, and/or its evolutions (Only art with at least Lillie, one Cosmog/Nebby, or its evolution in it will be accepted).
  3. Submit to the right folders if you can. There is a "Unsure where to submit" folder if you just don't know. If you can't decide between two folders, just choose one. The founder might move them to other folders in the group anyway. The featured gallery is for art that goes over and beyond. You can only submit 10 deviants per folder per day due to Deviantart limitations. :/

Promote the group if you can by suggesting other people's artwork into the group, submiting your own artwork into the group, and advertising the group. Not really required; it's optional, but appreciated, especially since we are a small group atm.

Hope You Enjoy NebbyFans!

Group Info

We are a group dedicated to the pokemon Cosmog, who also goes by the name Nebby by Lillie due to the story in Pokemon Sun and Moon. We accept any art involving Cosmog/Nebby, its evolutions (Cosmoem, Lunala, and Solgaleo), and Lillie.
Founded 9 Months ago
Jan 10, 2017


Group Focus
Fan Club

142 Members
153 Watchers
13,669 Pageviews
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Recent Journal Entries…

1. You can move around the wormholes in a similar way to the mantine pager.
2. You can go to the Ultra Beast's Homeland (i love this idea)
3. A new world where Necrozma steals the light and the ultra recon squad (i dont understand it sorry) I like Phyco's stash tho XD
4. New Ultra Beast: UB Adhesive (its adorable)
5. Typing of UB Assembly and UB Burst Revealed. UB Burst's exclusive move revealed as well (nice pun Nintendo).
New Trials and Challenges.
Mantine is a new ride pokemon in what appears to be a minigame as well as a form of transportation around the Alolan region.
Lillie is still in the alolan region.
The alolan pokedex is going to include more pokemon than previously, but im not sure if the national dex is going to happen.
There's an all new Alolan photo club where you can take pics with your pokemon and add special effects.

All shown here:…

(possibly old new that I did show before I think):
New regions and a new look for the trainers…

More New Z-moves like Kommo-o's show here:……

It has been revealed that "Ultra Solgaleo" and "Ultra Lunala" are actually "Dawn Mane Necrozma" and "Dusk Wings Necrozma." (so I will change the folder names later to that.

New Ubs were revealed as well as the details for an event rockruff and a Lycanroc Z move! Just watch the vid!
More Journal Entries

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